About Us

Candid Framez is a brain child of Sandeep, while he was pursuing Sandeep Rathod Photography. He shared his vision of collaborating with Salam of Salam Salih Photography. In 2013, their equal love for photography and cinematography, brought them together and they launched CandidFramez.

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Sandeep Singh Rathod – My lens are my eyes, this is the way I look at world and things around me. Going places and exploring life recharge me and I stand back to compete with myself.

I love the challenge of shooting a wedding as it happens. I won’t ask for an expression from you or try to make you smile. You will re-live the moments, when you see them again and again. I believe shooting from the heart and keep things simple. Your pictures will be creative, stirring and reminiscent – because the moments are real.

I have had the opportunity to click wonderful people and explore different places. I’m passionate about photography and I believe that am good at capturing people, candid moments, landscape, portraits and street photography.

Salam Salih

Salam Salih – I am Salam Salih and this is my world, through my lenses. Every person has a language that helps them communicate with the world – photography is mine. It’s the language that defines me and completes me.

I love adding a dash of variety to my photos – it’s something that comes naturally as part of Candid Photography. I hope you find the emotions in my photography infectious.But photography is an endless journey. There is much to learn and much to share. I look forward to share my journey and make your moments special as I relish this endless quest.