What kind of wedding photography do you specialize in?
It’s strictly Candid/Contemporary and Journalistic Wedding Photography. You are definitely not paying us high to get those typical and standard shots taken by studio photographer.

Will you take group shots on the stage?
Sorry, We prefer say NO. If we are busy shooting the guests in groups on the stage, we’ll miss out on the moments happening around. And, you will be spending too much money by engaging us for taking group shots.

Who will take the group shots then?
We have a team of experienced photographer and videographer who are doing traditional photography/videography since decades. They help us getting the group shots and portraits of your friends, relatives and guests.

Would you transfer me the jpeg files from your memory card to my laptop after the shooting is over?
We shoot in RAW format. Those RAW files have to be edited and then converted to JPEG. To answer you question, we won’t transfer files directly from our memory cards. We will deliver only the edited photographs to you.

When will you deliver the edited photographs to me?
Within 4-6 weeks from the agreed date of selection of images from your end. (and meeting the payment schedule). If your selection is delayed we will be not able to give you back the edited pics on time or committed date because we will be piled up with new projects. Though we try hard to finish the project at the earliest with mutual understanding and cooperation. We edit selected photograph picked by you. Each of them are given a particular ‘look’ matching that moment. It takes time. :)

How you to transfer data?
We request our client to hand over their personal HDD or get us new HDD, so we could copy all data on it. We take two backup of each project, just to make sure we are safe. Once we deliver the data to our client we keep it for four months from the date of delivery and there after we delete from our end. It’s very difficult to maintain huge data for long time.  

What about Copyrights and licensing?

The copyright model that we follow is what all the contemporary candid photographers across India and the rest of the world are following too.

  • As a contemporary professional photographer and as the author of the photographs, I retain the copyrights of the photographs that I create at your wedding.
  • As a client, you are given the license to make personal, non-commercial uses of your photographs. That would mean making countless prints/uploads/sharing online with friends & family and practically anything, as long as it doesn’t generate any income for yourself or the people you share them with.

Why is this model followed?

  • Fair use for contemporary  professionals and artists like us, is the ability to showcase our work to prospective clients. By fair use, we will probably use the images on my website, blog, the internet, social media, magazine, print or any other medium deemed fit to promote and showcase our work.
  • You are a prospective client. You are considering us as the photographer for your wedding because you have seen my work on our website, blog, our social media pages or at a wedding trade show. Or maybe you have read reviews or articles about us and our work on the web or in a publication.
  • The reason you have been able to see and appreciate our work is because of this fair use. If you could not see my work, would you hire me? No, right? So, it is fair to let other prospective clients be able to see the good work that I do at your wedding, isn’t it? Now that’s fair-use.
  • This is how all contemporary wedding photographers work today.

And how much time do you need for delivering photobooks?
Another 30-35 days after you approve the soft copy of the album/photobook. Because it involves lot of time to edite each photos and than design the album. (excluding Sunday and Public Holidays; Diwali Long vacation)  :)

Are you only available as wedding photographer in Mumbai/Navi-Mumbai?
No. we are available for any location, state or country.

We are interested and would like to get to know you. Are you available for a personal meeting?
Yes, of course. Just fill in the required details here.